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We design and build spaces for business impact, and deliver high quality craftsmanship on-time and on-budget

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Creative Spatial Design

We specialise in design and space planning for Retail, F&B, Offices, and Hospitality projects.

We worked with many International Companies to help them localise their design intent from their HQ, or we work within their brand guidelines to create a space with business Impact.

Being located in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta allow us better insight into different Asian consumers’ behaviour and enable us to design to their needs.

project management

Our experienced and proactive Project Management team will conduct meetings, plan an order of works, execute and manage site activities, and complete your project on time, and on budget.

We take care of liaising and submissions to Landlord, Government Statutory, coordination with other Stakeholders, and arrangement of overseas furniture shipment.

Visual Merchandising Props

A good visual merchandising display brings out the best of your products. We work with our Clients to design the visual merchandising (VM) props to enhance the product’s perceived value.

We supply customised VM props and our in-house QC team will make sure that every item passes our quality checks before we deliver to our dedicated Clients.

Fit Out & Construction

We provide comprehensive solutions for your needs of commercial fit-out and construction ranging from millworks & metal works, glazing, M&E, regular store maintenances, and reinstatement.

Works delivered by us will have at least *18 months’ warranty, and even after the warranty period, we will continue to help you maintain and service your premises.  Enjoy worry free service from start of project till end of leasehold period.

Retail Technology

Younger consumers are tech savvy and have insatiable want for newness, and we harvest the latest trends in IT to give you an experiential retail solution and enable your business to be unique and delight your customers. We also offer retail technology solutions, e.g. Shopper Demographic and Behaviour, LED TV Walls, Moving Graphic Box, and etc.

Graphic Design

Effective and appealing graphic design is an essential element that contributes to your customer’s brand experience. Our Graphic Design team will help you communicate your brand’s message to your targeted customers.

We can help with your corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), way-finding , advertising, web design, product packaging, signage and many others

Under Armour


Retail Director

“We extended our invitation to Brandsbridge to assist us with projects in Malaysia after the good experience during our stores development in Singapore. It was indeed a pleasant experience working with Brandsbridge, as we leverage on their expertise in retail fit-out process in Singapore and Malaysia, and their reliable and responsive team.”

Benjamin Barker



"We have been working with Brandsbridge since 2018 for design and build service of our stores in Singapore in Malaysia. They have proven to be trustworthy and they get things done in a smooth and responsible manner. It’s been a pleasure working with them and I’d recommend them."

AW Lab


Store Construction And Maintainance Department

“Brandsbridge was our partner in setting our first foot into Singapore. Our experience in working with them has been fun and hassle-free. The team is fast, competent and capable in providing solutions to our problem. The project was completed on time and they have definitely exceeded our expectations.”



Managing Director

“You have a great team and I must commend all the staff involved for doing an excellent job. From the beginning of the project to the completion, we did not have to stress over issues. Although there were some hiccups, your staff were able to resolve the problems quickly. I am impressed with the proactive attitude and efficiency of your entire team. May your business continue to thrive.”



Account Manager

“We have worked with Brandsbridge on countless projects of different scale. The team is fun and dynamic which makes working together a breeze. They are highly dependable and have consistently ensured timely completion and follow up. We truly appreciate their commitment to our projects with high level of service and responsiveness. Thank you!”



Regional Trainer

"I would most certainly recommend Brandsbridge because of their team's attentiveness to details and commendable efforts in delivering quality work despite a tight timeline for both my stores."

Pet Lovers Centre

Pet Lovers Centre

Marketing Manager

"Brandsbridge has handled Pet Lovers Centre and The Pet Safari Singapore's retail ID and commercial fit-out projects of recent years. Service and quality from the team before, during and after projects are commendable. They have the tenacity, flexibility and perseverance to complete any project well regardless of circumstances. Kudos to a great team and we look forward to more projects with you."




Awesome, Victor is very attentive and professional to all the details of the project. The delivery is timely and smooth. We chose Brandsbridge based on the above merits, as quality and timely delivery is very important to us.



APAC Retail Director

We consider Brandsbridge a top notch design company. OPPO Retail - Asia Pacific hub has partnered with them for almost a year and their service is very pro that puts the customer first.

Their superb output has benefited 10 countries across the region.

The output is high quality, timely, creative and accurate. They are simply professional yet accommodating to work with all around.




The overall experience is great! The designers respond in a timely manner and have a very quick turnaround on the work. They constantly take in our comments and inputs to ensure that the work is in line with what we are looking for.


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