pet safari

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project brief

Pet Safari (De 5 Star Petique) at The Star Vista offers a luxury shopping experience for all pet lovers.  This 5-star concept store by Pet Lovers Centre houses a Veterinary, Pet Hotel, Pet Grooming Salon, Puppies and Small Animals Showroom, and a Pet Cafe all under one roof. Pet owners will be spoilt for choices and they will no longer have to travel to multiple locations to settle their pets’ needs.

We were delighted to work on this one of a kind project. We wanted to create a unique shopping experience for both the Customers and their pets. At the top level of The Star Vista is a mega-church, and usually crowded during the weekends with families and churchgoers.  Cute animals never fail to attract both the young and the old, so making De 5 Star Petique a popular shopping destination in the location.

Pet Lovers Centre wanted this store to differ from the rest of the existing Pet Safari outlets, mainly to cater to the busy lifestyles of the PMETs pet owners. This demographic of customers value quality products and services, therefore will patronise the store often if they meet their demands.


the challenges

The goal was “To give customers with the assurance of the same quality products and services offered by all Pet Safari outlets but with an all-new shopping experience.” We then set forth to research on all the interesting pet shops around the world.

We wanted to design the store with business impact, optimises the space to house a variety of products and services, in an eye-catching and fun manner to drive sales. Navigation through the store should be straight-forward with clear displays, and never-ending surprises at every corner.

Another challenge is to design the shopfront along the curved walkway, with 3 different smaller shopfronts for Thus Coffee, De 5 Star Petique & Animal Wellness Centre. Further inside the premise, spaces need to be allocated for Puppies Showroom, Animal Arts Academy, Doggy Day Camp, and Boarding.


the solutions

Store design is much more than just creating a pleasing physical layout with cool furniture and bright displays; it is a means of immersing customers in the full brand experience. Brandsbridge worked closely with Pet Lovers Centre Marketing Team to incorporate their mascots and brand elements throughout the store to connect and engage with the customers, educate and promote the latest products and build on the brand identity of Pet Safari.

Having worked on many Pet Lovers Centre projects in the past has given us a good understanding of how pets should be housed, to provide a stress-free and healthy environment. There were many technical aspects to note, for example, air-con temperature must be kept at a certain temperature, good design of the ventilation system to meet NEA’s requirement, effects of natural sunlight on small animals, etc. Taking all these factors into consideration, we designed the pet displays to capture the attention of shoppers while making sure the animals’ wellbeing are not neglected.

project outcome

Brandsbridge completed the project in January this year, just before the Chinese New Year.  The outcome surpasses everyone’s expectations and marked the new milestone of a new wholistic pet care experiential retail.

The design uses many timber finishes, sustainable materials, warm lights, pop arts to create a simple, homely but modern layout. We at Brandsbridge are proud that we have melted the hearts of many animal lovers and brought countless joys of new pet owners, with this one of a kind pet shopping experience.