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19 June 2020


Say It Right, Say It All - How Successful Companies Effectively Reach Out To Their Audience


“Hello, it’s less than 3 seconds since we’ve met and you’re already forming an impression of me. I understand, you can’t help it.”

Impressions are developed naturally during first encounters, a fact that’s not only directed to people but of places, things and businesses. That’s how connections are made, and sustainable relationships are formed. It’d do good for business owners and marketers to keep this in mind.

Your brand image is one of the fundamental pillars of your business, and it is especially important through Marketing efforts right down to Graphic Design to have that consistent look, feel and tone, which reflects your company values.

Branding is the one thing all successful businesses have in common, and it’s strongly supported by creative visuals.

2- Switch to Apple Ads-SOURCE Adweek

Source: Adweek

Every organisation needs to be recognised, and branding creates that identity that attracts and engages with your potential customers, (hopefully) delighting them at each touchpoint and earning their trust.

Apple, the world’s most valuable brand (worth $205.5 billion in 2019) has shown how imagination can be sparked, and emotional connections be established with powerful branding that contributes to the success of the tech giant. Its unique visual and verbal vocabulary are aesthetically pleasing and widely recognisable.

Here’s the good news: it’s not rocket science. It all boils down to effective visual communications. In other words, great, consistent graphic design across all channels. For example, Starbucks has taught us that coffee can be more than just a caffeinated beverage. Holding a Starbucks paper cup is a status symbol, especially in Korea and China where young people would choose a Starbucks coffee over food. From visual branding to retail, environmental and packaging, graphic design plays a role in almost every aspect of the business.

But don’t be mistaken, it’s more than just good looks. Great design gets noticed, struck a chord in your target audience and leaves an impact.

3-Pack in History by Multiple Artist-Source BEHANCE

Source: Behance

Look at those golden arches. Children around the world recognises it as a happy place with its happy meals. Macdonald has demonstrated how a powerful logo can trigger joy.

Given a choice between a fish burger at the neighbourhood’s stall and the equivalent at Macdonald’s, guess which won hands down? That’s a classic example of increased perceived value of a product, as a result of great branding and design. In fact, studies have shown that 43% of customers spend more money on brands they are loyal to.

Here’s the deal. Build greater credibility and connect better with your target audience through effective graphic design.

Did you know that humans can process images 60,000 times faster than words? Design elements such as colours and illustrations can help customers better keep your business in mind. A memorable logo could be the key factor that leads a customer to choose you over a competitor.

4-WA Burger Shop by DxD Branddesign-Source BEHANCE

Source: Behance

Therefore, it should not surprise you that visual identity graphic design is essential to both B2C and B2B brands. Nearly 61% of marketers believe visuals are an integral part of a successful marketing campaign while 51% of B2B marketers place priority in creating impactful visual assets. And you should too.

But, wait a sec! Are you visible to your potential customers?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought on a greater urgency for businesses to go digital. As cities start to reopen, it would be folly to think that the worst is over. Digital transformation is more important than ever, and businesses should look into user interface graphic design (such as your webpage and app design), or at the very least, marketing graphic design (digital posters, images for website, social media ads, etc).

5-Faceversary by Buck LA-Source BEHANCE

Source: Behance

In Singapore, many hawkers find themselves struggling to stay afloat with the ban on dining out during this circuit breaker period … that is until a hawker owner started a Facebook group “Hawkers United - Dabao 2020” to help hawkers to connect with customers. A hawker dad ‘s struggling business was revived after his daughter helped to post delectable images of their food menu at this social media group. Others are not as lucky.

Here’re the main takeaways:

  • Businesses need to be visible (at the right place, right time). Social media marketing offers wide reach at a low cost, and is a great 24/7 channel for traditional businesses to start off if looking to venture into the digital space. But that’s not all.
  • Visually appealing content is equally important. To put it crudely, if your website or images posted on social media channels are ugly, users will drop off and seek alternatives.
  • Graphic Design is needed to support your brand building effort and is the part of the key to effective communication with your customers

Be relentless in creating a consistent message across all channels - be it OOH advertisements, a website banner or a post on Instagram. Good marketing graphic design can help to attract and retain customers.

6-Home Sweet Sushi Kids by Savvy Agency-SOURCE BEHANCE

Source: Behance

In case you haven’t noticed, all successful companies have good branding, and it’s time for you to better establish your brand.

Each business has its own unique blueprint, just like how each of us has a different thumbprint. What can you do to bring out the essence of your business? The solution varies for different companies at different stages. The key is to constantly ask (sometimes painful) questions and make conscious effort to portray your brand consistently, and aligning to your company values.

Branding may seem like an overwhelming process but it needs not be that. Start with the basic; a set of branding guidelines will set the basis for your brand. If you do not have an in-house graphic designer, you can consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a powerful tool to help businesses leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles, when done right

7-SOURCE Yesimadesigner

Source: Yesimadesigner

Brandsbridge has recently launched our graphic design service with flexible plans that allow easy mix and match of materials to cater to different business needs. From graphic design that supports digital marketing to outdoor, retail design and more, our turnaround time can be as quick as 24 hours.

As the global economy continues to slide under the influence of COVID-19, time’s running out for many businesses. In order to stay afloat and beat the crisis, it’s time for a makeover.

Established in Singapore since 2013, Brandsbridge has been providing creative design and building consultancy services to global retail and commercial clients. Supported by a team of dedicated, creative, and resourceful young professionals, Brandsbridge designs and builds for business impact, with high quality workmanship, always on time and on budget.

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