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5 June 2020


Beat The Crisis, Improve Business Luck with Fengshui


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Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei on 31 Dec 2019. This virus, later named as the Covid-19, is a new kind of virus, spread quickly among the community, and within one month, there were a total of 7,818 confirmed cases and reported in 19 countries. On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) characterised Covid-19 as a pandemic. The virus continues to spread and as of 2nd June 2020, there were more than 6.06 million confarmed cases and reported 371K deaths worldwide. Countries started to implement safe distancing measures and many cities are still in lockdown as healthcare services struggle to cope with daily new infections.

The hardest-hit arising from the Safe Distancing Measures is the economy. In Singapore, the Government announced 4 stimulus packages, costing over S$92.5 billion, about 19% of GDP, to soften the economic damage caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The "Circuit Breaker" ended on 1st June 2020, and as we enter Phase One of reopening the economy, majority of the businesses will still remain partially open. We will only see most businesses getting back to full capacity in Phase Two and Three.



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According to Way Fengshui’s 2020 ProsperGraph, Mr. Mark Tan, CEO of Way Fengshui Group, he pointed out that Optimism and Courage are the two key factors for businesses to weather through this stormy period. Companies should adopt the Agile Leadership approach and take this opportunity to put in place positive change, continue to motivate their staff, and invest in the training and development of the employees. Always be observant to opportunities and quick to adapt to different circumstances.

Storms don’t last, but good companies do. Pursuing Operation Excellence will give companies an edge over their competitors. Companies must improve their business, and processes, instil a culture of Operational Discipline. When faced with difficult times, it is usually these companies that emerge from the storm unscathed. Take this "Circuit Breaker" period to review the company's SOPs, identify and put in place improvement plans.



Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysics, which studies how are people connected to and affected by their surroundings. It is an art passed down from ancient practices and used throughout generations for improving the chances of accumulating more wealth, good health, and happiness. Business can leverage on Feng Shui to improve their luck to reduce the negative impact caused by Covid-19.

The most auspicious star is the "Eight White Prosperity Star" and it is at the Northwest position in the year 2020. The Northwest sector represents Leadership and the Management's Agilty. The "Eight White Prosperity Star" is an Earth Star, and the Northwest sector contains Metal element. When Earth and Metal meet, Leadership luck amplifies; thus it is important to protect that the Northwest sector and keep the energy high. Once this is accomplished, the Management team will have clarity in making decisions, the business will be stable even on choppy waters, and the company will experience Operational Excellence and Leadership Agility.


Start by removing all Wood elements, for example, live plants, in the Northwest Sector since Wood element clashes with Metal and Earth elements. Ensure the area is neat, free of clutter and clean at all times. Pay even more attention if meeting rooms, R&D or Creative departments are in the Northwest, because these are Wood related functions.

You can also strengthen the Metal and Earth energy in the Northwest sector, but this must be carefully analysed along with direction office, the nature of the business, and the "Bazi" of the employees sitting there. WAY FENGSHUI is offering a complimentary one-on-one consultation to further enhance the Fengshui for your office and you can visit this link to explore more.



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The best way to activate good stars is to give your property a refreshing facelift, especially if it is oriented towards one of the auspicious stars for the year. In 2020, the most auspicious star is the “Eight White Prosperity Star” in the Northwest. Renovating your property will bring clarity and excitement to the occupants and give organisations (and families) a sense of direction and enthusiasm. Since the Northwest is the leadership sector, activating the energy there will add management agility and willpower. The same goes for the “Nine Purple Star” in the West. Renovating properties facing West will add creativity and charm to the inhabitants.




There are 2 ways to determine which direction is your office facing.  Refer to Table A.

Method 1: If the main window and main door are facing each other in a straight line, stand in between the pathway of the window and door, face the main door and use a Lou Pan or a compass to read the direction where the main door is situated.

Method 2: If the main door is perpendicular to the main window, stand facing the main window with the main door at 90 degrees to your left or right.  Use a Lou Pan or a compass to read the direction where the main window is located.




The diagram in Table A shows the 2020 Flying Stars Chart (8 major directions). It will help you better understand which directions are auspicious and inauspicious in year 2020.

Way Fengshui has created an Almanac App which is free to download at Google Play Store & Apple App Store. This App is able to filter out the auspicious dates for renovation based on the zodiac. Please refer to Table B for the steps to obtain an auspicious renovation date.


WAY FENGSHUI is now collaborating with BRANDSBRIDGE to provide business owners a seamless option of Feng Shui consultation, Space Planning & Design, and Full Turnkey Fitout solutions. Business owners will benefit by having more time to attend to other important matters without breaking into sweat having to manage the renovation works. All work done will be in line with WAY FENGSHUI recommendations.

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